To help protect and deter against crime for residential and commercial properties.

StormFS Ltd uses only professional CCTV equipment from well-known manufacturers such as ‘Axis and Hikvision, UNV, Pelco, Avigilon. We will work with all brands to suit our customer’s needs.

We design, install and service a wide range of systems from a basic switcher camera system, to fully IP addressed and PC based camera system with telemetry. StormFS can supply and fit a system according to your personal specification.

  • Vast knowledge in the industry.
  • Fast, efficient and punctual service.
  • Highly Recommended.
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We use DVR (Digital Video Recording) camera systems which are much more reliable and user friendly than the old-style multiplexor and VCR systems. A DVR system will automatically record images on a built-in hard drive. Images can be retrieved and burnt onto CD via a built in CD re-writer if and when needed. There is no need worry about changing tapes or discs. DVR’s are a much more user friendly and cost-effective solution. We now have HD-TVI 1080P (High Definition) Cameras and recorders for even more quality results. Hybrid DVR’s which accept old analogue and new HD 1080p CCTV cameras. Also NVR (network video Recorder) which providing we can connect the NVR to an internet connection you will be able to monitor your CCTV at home or Office anywhere you have a data connection via your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can also choose to receive push notifications from your CCTV system so your never miss the bits you want again.

So, if you need a new system designed or installed or a takeover of an existing system to save you money and provide you with a fantastic service package then call StormFS LTD now for CCTV in Surrey.

For CCTV Surrey homes and businesses can rely on, StormFS LTD is the company you can trust. Whether you have recently been a victim of a crime or wish to deter crime indefinitely, CCTV in Surrey is truly the best option.

Many domestic and commercial environments who have implemented CCTV in Surrey are enjoying the benefits of working or living in a secure, safeguarded location. While additional surveillance may at first seem like a cost your business or home does not need, the peace of mind that is achieved by comprehensive camera installation is priceless.

For an effective service and the best CCTV Surrey has to offer, contact StormFS LTD today, your security is our priority.